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Basic Principles

Growth and prosperity depend on an attractive business climate to support creating jobs, expanding tax revenues and maintaining services for all Iowa citizens. Policymakers and encouraged to do all they can within state government to control spending and avoid unnecessarily increasing the tax burden of Iowans.


Government agencies and officials must be accountable and accessible to thier employers-the taxpayers.


ITA supports a performance-based budgeting process encouraging a full review of all state programs to promote funding of those programs necessary to achieve measurable results.


Equity requires comparable tax policies and principles for similarly situated taxpayers.

Promotion of Growth

Tax policy must support the state's economic growth initiatives and goals.


Tax law and administrative rules must be clear and concise to allow for cost-effective compliance by taxpayers.


Iowa's tax structure must be predictable and stable for both taxpayers and governments.

Taxpayer Involvement

Taxpayer involvement in the regulatory and legislative development process will lead to better and more thoughtful tax policy.

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