Member Spotlight - Iowa Gaming Association

Member Spotlight - Iowa Gaming Association

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Iowa Taxpayers Association wants you to get to know our members and to provide opportunities for networking. Each month ITA highlights a member company. 

This month's member company spotlight is on the Iowa Gaming Association. Following is their answers to our questions regarding information on their company and why they are an ITA member.

Tell us a little about Iowa Gaming Association.
The Iowa Gaming Association (IGA) is a nonprofit trade association representing the 19 regulated commercial casinos in the state. (Not the tribal casinos nor the State Lottery) The IGA serves as the premier resource and voice on behalf of the industry, provides resources and facts, plus advocates timely and accurate information to the media, regulators, elected officials, its members and the public.
What is an interesting fact about your industry?
Collectively the casino industry provides an impressive $1 billion annual economic impact for the state; when factoring wages-benefits, purchasing Iowa-based products and services, charitable grants and state, county, local taxes.
Why are you a member of ITA?
We appreciate ITA’s leadership to track emerging legislation and regulatory issues; and advocating with elected officials and others on important tax policy that align with their members guiding principles…that consistent ITA presence fosters accountability to assure no adverse impact.
What is your biggest challenge when it comes to tax policy?
Casinos pay a 22-24% tax on the adjusted gross revenue, versus the net…it is very important to keep a stable tax environment for these premier entertainment destinations; to continue reinvesting in their properties and be able to annually provide millions of dollars in charitable grants.

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