Member Spotlight - Eide & Heisinger LLC

Member Spotlight - Eide & Heisinger LLC

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Member Spotlight - EIDE & HEISINGER, LLC

Iowa Taxpayers Association wants you to get to know our members and to provide opportunities for networking. Each month ITA highlights a member company. 

This month's member company spotlight is on Eide & Heisinger, LLC. Following is their answers to our questions regarding information on their company and why they are an ITA member.

Tell us a little about Eide & Heisinger, LLC.
Eide & Heisinger is a lobbying firm that has been around since the early 2000s. The two primary lobbyists are Matt Eide and Kate Walton. Matt has been lobbying since 1993. Kate has been lobbying for 20 years. We represent clients before the Legislature, state agencies, and various city councils across the state. We are very active at the Capitol from January through late April and spend a significant amount of time interacting with state agencies on behalf of clients.

What is an interesting fact about your company?
Several times per year we accompany clients to Washington, D.C. to visit with Members of Congress, Capitol Hill staff, and federal agencies. Both Matt and Kate have Hill experience. Matt was a staffer to former Iowa Congressman Jim Lightfoot and Kate was a staffer to former Iowa Senator Tom Harkin.

Why are you a member of ITA?
We find value in ITA’s legislative program. Specifically, Jen Kingland does an excellent job lobbying at the Capitol. We also find tremendous value in ITA’s analysis of tax legislation. ITA’s non-partisan approach gives them a great deal of credibility at the Capitol.

What is your biggest challenge when it comes to tax policy?
For our clients, the biggest challenge in tax policy is ensuring stability and predictability. This is the case not only in tax policy but all laws and regulations.

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