Member Spotlight - Lane & Waterman LLP

Member Spotlight - Lane & Waterman LLP

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Member Spotlight - LANE & WATERMAN LLP

Iowa Taxpayers Association wants you to get to know our members and to provide opportunities for networking. Each month ITA highlights a member company. 

This month's member company spotlight is on Lane & Waterman LLP. Following is their answers to our questions regarding information on their company and why they are an ITA member.

Tell us a little about Lane & Waterman LLP.
Lane & Waterman is a full-service law firm of 33 attorneys based in Davenport, Iowa. We have a long tradition of serving both businesses and individuals throughout the region. Our clients are the companies, school districts, colleges and universities, and cities that are vital to the health, interest, and growth of our region. Lane & Waterman also represents the people in these organizations in many of the personal affairs – helping them meet the goals they have for their work, family, and legacy.
What is an interesting fact about your company?
Founded in 1854, we are believed to be one of the oldest continuous law firms west of the Mississippi River.
Why are you a member of ITA?
We regularly counsel our clients on a variety of tax issues. Lane & Waterman values its membership in the ITA because it provides our firm access to relevant information and perspectives on the tax issues affecting our clients.
What is your biggest challenge when it comes to tax policy?
Our practice serves the Quad Cities in Iowa and Illinois, and many of our clients are significantly impacted by a variety of state and local as well as federal tax policy challenges. One of our biggest challenges is helping our clients navigate emerging and sometimes conflicting trends in tax policy between states so they can operate their businesses in the most efficient manner.

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