Member Spotlight - LS2group

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Member Spotlight

Iowa Taxpayers Association wants you to get to know our members and to provide opportunities for networking. Each month ITA highlights a member company.


This month's member company spotlight is on LS2group. Following is their answers to our questions regarding information on their company and why they are an ITA member.

Tell us a little about LS2group.
LS2group is a bipartisan public relations, government affairs, public affairs, and marketing firm headquartered in Des Moines, Iowa, with team


members located across the Midwest and in Washington, D.C. We were founded in 2006.

Since we started, LS2group has been honored to drive client success on some of the most noteworthy events in the Midwest – from the Global Insurance Symposium to the US Global Leadership Coalition and National Governors’ Association 2018 meeting.

The LS2group mission is dynamic and adaptable thanks to the tremendous network of professionals on our team. Today, LS2group executes top-tier marketing campaigns, crisis communications training, international counsel services, and event planning.  

More than 50 team members comprise the LS2group team, bringing diverse and rich backgrounds to deliver success for clients. LS2group is perhaps the only place in the Midwest where a former congressional campaign director, military veteran, Ambassador, and marketing executive all work within a few feet of one another. 

What is an interesting fact about your company?
LS2group is a bipartisan firm, meaning we hire team members who’ve often worked against one another in the past. Yet we’ve worked for years to develop a culture where client needs come first. The result has been strong cohesion among team members, allowing everyone at LS2group to leverage their unique backgrounds, affiliations, and connections to deliver client solutions.

Why are you a member of ITA?
We’re proud of the work ITA does in bringing a range of Iowa businesses and citizen taxpayers together to make sure fiscal policy is on track. As a bipartisan firm, LS2group recognizes that we all have an interest in making sure our tax dollars are being put to good use, and ITA is one critical actor in providing that oversight.

What is your biggest challenge when it comes to tax policy?
Our clients’ challenges are our challenges, too. Whether we’re collaborating with a Fortune 500 or a local business, it’s key that they operate in a tax environment that allows them to thrive. That’s why the work of ITA is so critical. It’s about making sure our state has a responsible fiscal road map that meets Iowa’s needs, while allowing our clients room to innovate, invest, and support the state’s economy and communities. 

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