Member Spotlight - Gordon Epping, LLC

Member Spotlight - Gordon Epping, LLC

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Member Spotlight - Gordon Epping, LLC

Iowa Taxpayers Association wants you to get to know our members and to provide opportunities for networking. Each month ITA highlights a member company. 

This month's member company spotlight is on Gordon Epping, LLC. Following is their answers to our questions regarding information on their company and why they are an ITA member.

Tell us a little about Gordon Epping, LLC.
Gordon Epping, LLC is one-man firm, I have been a CPA, both private and public accounting, for 40 years. When I retired as a Partner with the Cedar Rapids Honkamp Krueger office at the end of 2009, I was able to keep a small group of tax clients that I was able to continue, with HK’s blessings, to offer tax consulting, preparation and review while I was working full time as Business Administrator for my church, First Lutheran Church in Cedar Rapids. I worked for First Lutheran for a little over 6 years as my small practice continued to expand I also got involved with Ron Corbett’s Engage Iowa non-profit organization. As my practice continued to growth and my involvement with Engage Iowa and Ron’s run for Governor continued to expand I resigned my position with First Lutheran to work on my expanding tax and consulting practice, to point of having about 50 clients of all size and types. Working at about 80% of capacity and continue to add clients, all though the not activity seeking clients.

What is an interesting fact about your company?
One of the interesting things about my company is that HK and I continue to have joint clients and I continue to refer clients to HK. It continues to be good working relationship and is unusual in our business. Usually when a partner retires he retires, but my case my I have such a good group of clients and have great enjoyment working with them I will continue to do this as long as they want me to be their CPA and my health continues to be great, will be 71 on August 30th. No plans on retiring as I enjoy my work and I am having too much fun, even with all the tax changes at both the Federal and State level.

Why are you a member of ITA?
Became a member of ITA to keep abreast of the State of Iowa, not so much Federal, tax law changes and to get Tom’s comments on budget and other issues in the ITA newsletter. Getting involved with Ron and Engage Iowa really expanded my interest and energy on Iowa budget issues and changes in the Iowa tax code, since I was able to advise Ron and help him understand what this all meant, not that he needed a lot of help, spending 13 years in the Iowa House, last 2 as Speaker, and 8 years as Mayor of Cedar Rapids, he had and still has a good understanding of the budgeting and tax issues on both a state and local level. My membership has been well worth the money expanded for my annual dues.

What is your biggest challenge when it comes to tax policy?
What is the biggest challenge, well that is easy. As a practicing CPA it is obvious, the massive changes made this year in both the Federal and State tax code. It is going to make for a very interesting 2018 tax season. I will save my editorial comments the tax law changes for another time. Let’s see how this tax season play’s out first. Shouldn’t complain, with all of these massive changes that means more time, more billable hours, which equals higher fees!

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