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ITA Bill Tracking


Following are the bills ITA is tracking as of April 10, 2017


HF 478 & SF 356 – Registered For

Repeals the future sunset of the board, modifies procedures and requirements for appeals to the board (HSB 44 & SSB 1054)

  • Passed Senate Subcommittee
  • Passed House Subcommittee
  • Passed Senate Committee, 11-2
  • Passed House Committee, 25-0
  • Passed House, 98-0

SF 428 – Monitoring

 Couples with current IRC for Iowa tax year 2015 & 2016 for solar energy system credit, but decouples with the bonus depreciation. 

SF 397 – Monitoring

Permanently couples with current IRC for the increased §179 for Iowa tax years 2016 and beyond.

SF 179 – Monitoring 

Temporarily updates 2016 Iowa Code references to the IRC for certain tax revisions enacted by Congress in 2015 and 2016 applicable in 2016. Allows for the deduction for state sales and use tax and decouples with bonus depreciation.

SSB 1013 – Registered For

Permanently couples with current IRC for Iowa tax year 2016 and beyond, but permanently decouples with the bonus depreciation. 

  •   Waiting for Subcommittee assignment

HF 230/HF 188/SF 9/SF 15 – Monitoring

Extends the 6% Iowa sales and use tax until 2050. Continues the 1/6 percent that gets transferred into the SAVE account for school infrastructure until 2050.

HF 477/SF 200 – Monitoring 

Extends the qualifying period for exemption from the Hotel/Motel Tax from 31 days to 90 days. (HF 91)

  • Passed House Subcommittee
  • Passed House Committee, 21-1

 HSB 121 – Registered For

Clarifies prior year’s legislative intent for coupling with the IRC. This bill does not make any changes to the prior years, legislation. It only gives better clarification to last year’s bill and legislative intent.

  • Passed House Subcommittee
  • Passed House Committee, 24-0

HSB 187 – Registered Against

Modifies the state’s tax credits by limiting the total amount that may be claimed in a fiscal year, providing for transfers to the taxpayer’s trust fund, and eliminating the refundability of Iowa tax credits.

SF 394 – Monitoring

This bill limits the aggregate amount of research activities tax credits that may be refunded to $1 million per taxpayer per taxable year. (I doubt this bill will go anywhere, will continue to monitor just in case)

HF 564 – Monitoring

This bill expands the definition of PPEL funds can be used for in school funding. Also, makes numerous policy decisions for schools. (HSB 178, passed Education Committee)

  • Awaiting Ways and Means Sub Committee assignment

HF 288 – Monitoring

Exempts metered water from Iowa sales and use tax.

  • Awaiting Sub Committee assignment

SF 269/HF 240 – Monitoring

Creates a tax credit against the individual, corporate income taxes, the franchise tax, insurance premiums and the moneys and credits tax for a charitable contribution to certain institutions engaged in regenerative medicine research.  

  • Passed House Subcommittee
  • Passed House Committee 

HF 460 – Monitoring

Creates three reporting requirements for retailers who do not collect or remit Iowa sales and use tax.

SJR 9 – Monitoring

Amendment to the constitution of the State of Iowa relating to the state budget by creating an expenditure spending limitation.

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