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Updated March 23, 2018

Bill Number:   HSB671  
Topic Category:   Income Tax  

A bill for an act relating to state and local revenue and finance by modifying the income taxes, the sales and use taxes and local option sales tax, the hotel and motel excise tax, the automobile rental excise tax, the Iowa educational savings plan trust, and the disabilities expenses savings plan trust, making penalties applicable, and including immediate effective date and retroactive and other applicability provisions.

Companion bill - SSB3195

Iowa Senate:   Subcommittee: Feenstra, Dawson, Breitbach, Jochum and Bolkcom
Iowa House:  

Subcommittee: Cownie, Windschitl, Pettengill, Prichard and Forbes

Passed 3-2


Governor:   Governor's Income Tax Bill  
Position:   Undecided: The bill is a good start and has a baseline to work from. However, will continue to work to include corporate taxes, lower rates, conformity, etc.  
Bill Number:   SF2383 - reprinted  
Topic Category:   Income and Sales/Use  
Summary:   This is the Senate Tax Reform bill that makes numerous changes to the income tax chapter, sales/use tax and many other changes. (This was SSB 3197)  
Iowa Senate:  

Subcommittee: Feenstra, Dawson, Breitbach, Jochum and Bolkcom; Passed 3-2
Floor Manager: Feenstra
Committee: Passed 9-6

Senate: Passed 29-21

Iowa House:   Referred to Ways and Means Committee  
Position:   Undecided: The bill makes many changes to Iowa tax law. There is a lot to like in this bill, lots of questions to be answered, and some things not to like. Will continue to work to improve where needed.  
Bill Number:   HF2063  
Topic Category:   Property Tax  
Summary:   Imposes duration limits on certain urban renewal areas, better defines blighted area, includes school foundation levy to be excluded from the division of taxes, does not allow for any monies to be used for relocation within 2 miles, and does not allow revenue from the division of taxes for public buildings.  
Iowa Senate:      
Iowa House:   Subcommittee: Mohr, Windschitl and Isenhart
Floor Manager: Mohr
Position:   For: Most of the bill falls in line with ITA Policy and Initiatives. Working with floor manager and improve the bill.  
Bill Number:   HF2046  
Topic Category:   Sales/Use  
Summary:   A bill for an act relating to the collection of sales and use taxes by certain out-of-state retailers, and including effective date provisions.  
Iowa Senate:      
Iowa House:      
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