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ITA History

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The Iowa Taxpayers Association was formed in March 1935 by a group of concerned leaders from business and agriculture "to bring about, through nonpartisan means, the greatest possible economies of government." Not coincidentally, this was a year after the State first started collecting a 2% tax on corporate income. ITA's long-standing record of hard work and service is a point of intense pride for the Association.

Today, the Iowa Taxpayers Association is a business organization comprised of companies and organizations that represent Iowa 's most involved corporate citizens. They share the same ideal of promoting tax policy that is fair, accountable, and competitive. ITA is a respected source of objective advocacy for rational laws and regulations as they relate to business tax issues.

Special recognition goes to the companies, organizations, and individuals listed on the reproduced meeting minutes and attendance rolls from 1935 , for they had the foresight and determination to found a statewide group of business taxpayers to work on the development of sound business tax policy.

Charter Members:

  • Associated General Contractors of Iowa
  • Iowa Association of Business and Industry (formerly the Iowa Manufacturer's Association)
  • Iowa Farm Bureau Federation
  • Iowa Telecommunications Association (formerly the Iowa Telephone Association)
  • Iowa Utility Association
  • MidAmerican Energy Company (successor to Peoples Light Co. in Davenport )

With the vision of these charter members and the continued effort and involvement of Iowa 's leading corporate citizens, ITA has remained at the forefront of nonpartisan business tax policy development and issue advocacy in Iowa --- and will for years to come.

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