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The Iowa Taxpayers Association (ITA) produces a number of publications highlighting business tax issues important to its members.

The Annual Statement of Policies & Initiatives sets forth ITA's positions on key state business issues that are important to the Association's stated mission and purpose.

Issue Papers are developed to provide detailed information on ITA legislative initiatives and positions including the issues' status in the Iowa Legislature.

The ITA Legislative Bulletin (members only) is produced on a weekly basis during the legislative session and monthly throughout the year. Along with lobbying efforts at the State Capitol, ITA Members are kept advised as to administrative rule action and public policy development that affects the investment they have made in physical infrastructure and human resources here in Iowa.

The Annual Legislative Report (members only) provides members with a review of business tax issues and highlights the accomplishments of the Association during the most recent Session of the Iowa General Assembly. ITA monitors all business tax legislative proposals.

The ITA Sound Budgeting Principles are criterion offered to the state's fiscal policy makers through which they can provide more accountability in the practice of government. The expectation is that the use of these accountable budgeting practices will foster long-term fiscal stability and sound tax policy in Iowa.

The Guiding Principles of Sound Tax Policy was established to assist legislators and regulators in undertaking tax reform or in making any changes to tax law.

The Committee on Accountable Government's State Budgeting Practices Reviews are conducted annually, making public its findings. The eight sound budgeting principles are incorporated into each analysis. The goal of this annual review is to encourage the key fiscal policy developers and lawmakers of Iowa to continue their consideration of these criteria as the budgeting process moves forward every year.



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