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Iowa Illustrated

Iowa Illustrated: A Visual Guide to Taxes & the Economy

The Future of Iowa Foundation was formed in January, 2009, to assist ITA in generating quality research with regard to Iowa tax issues. ITA has a mission to promote economy, responsibility, and efficiency in government and reasonableness and equity in taxation. ITA also conducts lobbying activities designed to inform Iowans about sound fiscal policy; provides state policy makers with objective, nonpartisan research about the impact of specific tax and spending policies; and advocates for the adoption of rational public fiscal policy as it relates to business and corporate taxes.

Often ITA has been challenged in its ability to provide more comprehensive research because of staff and fiscal limitations despite the clear need for such nonpartisan information in Iowa. Thus, the Foundation was established to conduct and publish top-quality nonpartisan research designed to educate state government leaders and the general public on subjects useful to the individual and beneficial to the statewide community.

Success and Next Steps

In 2013, the Future of Iowa Foundation partnered with the Tax Foundation in Washington D.C. to produce “Iowa Illustrated.” This publication is an outstanding example of quality research designed to educate and inform our leaders. Based on this success, the board believes we must move forward to publish a second book designed to present Iowa with alternatives to its present tax system. The Tax Foundation will again take the lead to help establish this second book that will allow Iowa to move forward with a progressive and fair tax policy in the coming years.

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