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Why Is Membership In ITA Important to You?

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Most companies and organizations don’t have the resources for research and lobbying 
necessary to keep on top of hot issues that can seriously affect their business. 

At ITA we are committed to working on your behalf as well as allowing you a voice on 
issues that can have a serious impact on you and your business.

  • ITA is known and respected at the Iowa Capitol for work on both sides of the political aisle. ITA provides objective, straightforward analysis and commentary on business tax policy issues.
  • Working with legislators who seek sound tax policy gives the association a unique perspective and unparalleled access to majority and minority leadership in the Iowa Legislature as well as the governor’s office.
  • We have a solid working relationship with the Iowa Department of Revenue. Not only is it important to have a finger on the pulse of business tax legislation pending at the Capitol, but keeping track of the administration rules process could have just as much impact on your company’s bottom line. ITA closely monitors the rules development process involved with business tax issues.
  • You receive timely, enlightening business tax information. We provide insightful advice and timely action on political issues at the Iowa Capitol through our Legislative and News Bulletin.
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